MHR Dev Entry 6 - "In the Flesh"

Hey folks! Jesse Humphry here, Game Designer of MHR, with another update. I know it's been a while and I apologize for that, but we've been working very hard on a couple of things on the side. For starters, I've started learning C++ in order to be able to assist with the creation of the game once we start getting into the more intensive programming phase and out of design. 

Bailey Wheatland has also been spending the past month or so in France (the lucky duck), but still managed to start iterating our third monster. I present to you: kangaROT


This third monster will be a fresh feeling after having spent the entire process looking at deciBULL and BANGtail's ugly mugs, but kangaROT's design isn't fully fleshed out yet and his behaviors and mechanics are still in the works. Nevertheless, we're very excited to have an iteration of him getting worked on. 

In addition to this, we've been working on the visuals for player armor and attempted to make it gender neutral in order to avoid customization on release. We're doing this mainly so we can focus on core gameplay and option the player model choice after we get post-release feedback. For now, this is the current concept we're running with. 


We're still in the early stages of this design, but it's coming along fairly well. We still need to integrate reasonable padding and the grappling boxes soon, though!

That's it for this blog post. Let us know if you have an ideas or suggestions!

Jesse Humphry
Game Designer for Mad House Rodeo