MHR Dev Entry 4 - “Beasts of Anarchy”

Hey there everyone! Bailey Wheatland here with some more content pertaining to the monsters of Mad House Rodeo. 

We plan to launch Mad House Rodeo with three monsters that will offer diverse gameplay which will define the theme of high octane combat in various ways. In our premiere game mode, “Rodeo”, players must engage in a king of the hill match, whereby who ever rides/controls the monster for the longest time over the course of 15 minutes will win.

Knowing that players will be controlling the monsters and grappling on and around them, we have come up with a few monster designs that will keep the game modes fresh and satisfying in different ways. 


Take for example our monsters deciBULL(left) and BANGtail(right). deciBULL is a power-based monster that amplifies his crushing power through the speakers that you see on his midsection. So players who enjoy playing the “heavy” in multiplayer games will definitely want to try out this monstrosity. In contrast, you have BANGtail which is speed-based, and its methods of causing destruction are all in service of moving faster at blinding velocity. 

With those elements in mind, it is important that the player feels each monster’s respective abilities while controlling them or navigating around them. This plays into the construction of each monster as well. The beasts of MHR have a thrown together aesthetic which results in staples, chains, bull rings, and other cosmetic elements. These are the parts of the designs that players can grapple onto. Each creature has a different set of soft and hard surfaces that will change how players engage with them.

These design parameters have allowed us to create very focused creatures along with a powerful aesthetic for the game. I hope you guys will have as much fun interacting with them as I had creating them! I cannot wait to see the anarchy you all create with these tools of destruction.


Bailey Wheatland
Director of Mad House Rodeo