MHR Dev Entry 2 - "The Dual-Grapple Mechanic"

Hey guys! It’s Bailey again back with more behind the scenes info on Mad House Rodeo! In MHR, the core mechanic will be that of a dual grappling hook system we have devised. With this system you can traverse in a way similar to Spider-Man and/or humans in Attack on Titan. This caters to the high octane action we are trying to achieve in the game. We’re trying to hit that Easy To Learn, Difficult To Master sweet spot. We want to give players a lot of freedom to navigate the game space in the way they see fit, while also allowing different styles of play to have good conflict and resolution. Hopefully, that is what will make the competitive nature of this game so entertaining.

Currently we just have one grapple in the test build, but stay tuned for more updates as we implement the second grappling hook soon!

All the best,

Bailey Wheatland
Director of Mad House Rodeo