MHR Dev Entry 3 - "Concepts of Madness"


Hey everyone! Bailey Wheatland here again with another entry into our development journal. A lot of work has gone into the level design of MHR to best utilize our core mechanics and overall game feel. A key player in this has been our concept artist, James Masino

He's been putting together some arena ideas for us to further along the level design process. In the above concepts you’ll note the use of cranes or other swing-points that are a crucial component of our arenas. Since locomotion via the grappling hooks is our primary goal, our level design and concepts need to reflect this.

Center Stage.jpg

One of the other, lesser known variables we want to tweak is the arena shape. We’re currently working with ideas on circular, octogonal, and oblong arena types in order to give the player a sense of constant forward motion as well as direct them in places we need them to go. We’ll narrow it down to just one of these types eventually, but that will come after some hands-on testing that we plan on doing later in the year.

James’ concept work has been geared to these criteria so we can get a clearer picture of what these arenas might look like.  As we progress further, the designs will become more and more focused, but it is always fun to see the initial concepts in production. 

As always I hope you enjoy the updates of Mad House Rodeo! Expect more updates/stories soon!

Bailey Wheatland
Director of Mad House Rodeo